AMS Full MemberWhen selecting a Montessori education for your child, it is important to look closely at the program offered by the school. While the name “Montessori” is meant to describe a certain philosophy, the term is not trademarked. There are no rules to monitor how a school or daycare uses the term Montessori or how their approach to education conforms to the teachings of the Montessori Method. One way to discern the difference between Montessori schools is to look for accreditation from a professional organization such as the American Montessori Society (AMS).

Whiteland Montessori School in Exton PA is accredited by the AMS, and has earned the distinction of being a Full Member School. Whiteland Montessori accreditation is a valuable component in selecting our school for your child. Currently, only 10% of all Montessori schools have obtained this level of credential.

Requirements include a well-defined standard of excellence regarding curriculum, preparation of teaching staff and the school director, learner outcomes, and fiscal and personnel policies, facilities, and health and safety practices. Selecting a Full Member School with AMS accreditation provides assurances with regards to quality of education and accountability to the governing body of the Montessori Society.


Whiteland Montessori School is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Private Academic School that offers Preschool and Kindergarten programs. We are conveniently located off Route 202 and the 30 Bypass in Exton PA, in beautiful and scenic Chester County Pennsylvania.