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About Whiteland Montessori

Whiteland Montessori School is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Private Academic School that offers Preschool and Kindergarten programs.

Whiteland Montessori School was founded in 1995 in beautiful Chester County. We recently renovated a historic farm house that has charm and warmth.

We take pride in offering your child a home away from home.

Dr. Montessori believed that the child is in a state of continuous and intense transformation. This is what Whiteland Montessori School teaching staff believes as well. A child’s mind assimilates impressions from the environment. It works to construct the individual he or she is to become.

In our classroom, the emphasis is not on competition, but on mutual cooperation. We work for the fullest possible development of each child to his or her capabilities.

Learning through experience

At Whiteland Montessori School, we allow our children to learn through their own experiences in an exciting and educational environment. We cultivate the child’s natural desire to learn.

As teachers, our role is to provide an ever-changing environment to constantly stimulate and interest each child.

Our classroom is comprised of children with mixed ages which range from 2.7 to 5 years of age.

Working in small groups or independently, the children have the freedom to choose their own activities. These exercises incorporate Montessori equipment and also traditional math and reading materials. Artistic endeavors are offered and encouraged daily.

It is our goal to provide an atmosphere of tranquility and joyful accomplishments. We adhere to Dr. Montessori’s teaching so that the child will have a solid foundation and be free later in life to develop his energy more exclusively to intellectual development.

whiteland montessori school
whiteland montessori school
whiteland montessori school

“Of all things love is the most potent.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Whiteland Montessori School Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum at Whiteland is taught in pre-school and kindergarten programs with a 5-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.



Academic materials available in the classroom include mathematic apparatus which are concrete, representing all types of quantities. Using the materials, children can demonstrate to himself the basic concepts of arithmetic.



Language includes writing, reading, phonological awareness, and journaling. Daily instruction in the Primary Phonics Program lays the foundation for reading and comprehension skills, and encourages children to stretch when choosing books.



Materials promote fine and gross motor skills using tools for size differentiation and color matching, and a mystery bag for category classification.

Practical Life

Practical Life

Developing and perfecting attention span and concentration through the use of manipulative materials for both fine motor and gross motor skills: stringing beads, building, and art projects.



Children study all areas of the world and the culture inside of them, learning through maps, life cycles, differentiating living vs. non-living, etc.



“Daily Specials” include Geography, Spanish, Life Skills, My Body, Science, Music and Movement. The special daily classes offer children the opportunity to explore outside of the regular academic program.

“The education of even a very small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school but for life.” Dr. Maria Montessori


Jaimee has a BA, her Montessori Degree from AERCO Montessori Teacher Training in Chestnut Hill PA, and is certified in Special Education.


Jaimee Kaufmann

Education Director and Head Montessori Teacher

Aubrey earned her American Montessori certification as well as her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Chestnut Hill College.

Aubrey Gulino

Head Kindergarten Teacher

Ali holds her PA State Preschool Certification and Kindergarten Certification. Ali is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania.

Alison Patten

Teaching Assistant

Liz has taught preschool, kindergarten, and 6th grade.



Liz Moffet

Teaching Assistant

April has been a teaching assistant at Whiteland Montessori School for 22 years.



April Gerety

Teaching Assistant

Rayanna has worked with children for the past 16 years.




Rayanna Lopuszanski

From our families:

“Whiteland Montessori is truly the best. The teachers are loving, sweet,creative, and fun. My son always felt safe and cared for and their emphasis on kindness was clear through how loving the students were towards each other. We wished he could stay there forever but he was well prepared for elementary school when the time came to go to first grade! We can’t wait to send his sister there in a few years!” – Liz

“Our experience at Whiteland Montessori was excellent. We sent our oldest son here for two years, pre-k and kindergarten, and we all absolutely loved it. He looked forward to going to school every day. The learning environment is one that fosters creativity, independence, kindness, exploration. Not only did our son learn so much academically but he also grew socially, making some of the very best friends. All of the teachers are so warm and kind and wonderful and their love for their students is evident in everything that they do. We are so grateful to them for making our son’s first school experience such an amazing one. We are excited to send our youngest son to Whiteland when he is old enough!” – Martha

“Whiteland Montessori is like the unicorn of preschools…it’s magical and one of a kind! We just love this school and the teachers that make it so incredible. Both of our daughters went through preschool here, so they were a part of our lives for many years. They became like family to us. It is such a loving and caring learning environment for preschool-age children. The teachers are phenomenal, and you can see how much they love and care for each of their students. They are warm and kind teachers who are very knowledgeable and create a wonderful learning experience for growing children. The school itself is beautiful and clean with a fun and inspiring atmosphere. Our daughters enjoyed their time here so much. They miss it and still talk about ‘going to Whiteland Montessori’. We are so grateful that this amazing school and staff have been a part of our family’s life. Highly recommend it to anyone!” – Genevieve

“With your love, patience, and determination, my son has evolved and accomplished a lot these past two years… you have made a significant impact in our lives.” – R. and Family

“We loved the teachers, they are so warm and affectionate. They really take care of the children and make learning real fun.” – Ms Vijay Kumar

“My daughter is totally happy and at ease with all the teachers. They have increased her confidence and her skills and knowledge.” – A. Smith

“This is the best pre-k and kinder in the area. The teachers are amazing and the ratio teacher-student is perfect!” – Diana

“A great learning environment. The teachers are friendly, caring and know each child’s true self.” – P. Raleigh

“To the most loving teachers ever. You have given all four of our children such a great start in life. We appreciate you so much we will never forget you! Five years have never gone faster.” – The O’Malleys

“We will always hold WMS in our hearts and prayers for the endless support, smiles, helping hands, teachable moments, open, compassionate, fun awesome learning experiences. You are a treasure!” – Mike Huffman

“Thank you for loving our daughter, taking such good care of her, and teaching everything she knows now and making an incredible difference in her life. It is because of what you do that she wakes up on a Saturday morning to get ready for school!” – Deepa

Welcome to a New School Year at Whiteland Montessori!

whiteland montessori school logoWhiteland Montessori School is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Private Academic School that offers Preschool and Kindergarten programs.  We are conveniently located off Route 202 and the 30 Bypass in beautiful scenic Chester County Pennsylvania.

Whiteland Montessori School is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Private Academic School that offers Preschool and Kindergarten programs. We are conveniently located off Route 202 and the 30 Bypass in Exton PA, in beautiful and scenic Chester County Pennsylvania.